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Forecast Includes Below Average Temps

National Weather Service meteorologists Patrick Gilchrist and Cory Mottice provided a weather briefing for the eastern Montana last week.

They noted that the two-week forecast is for temperatures to be at below average levels and for precipitation to be at near normal amounts.

Forecast for the rest of this week include high temperatures in the high 30s and low temperatures in the teens.

For the month of April, there is an equal chance of above or normal for both temperatures and precipitation.

The meteorologists reported that the trend for March 1-19 was temperatures below normal and some off the charts cold. Some areas reported temperatures 12-15 degrees below normal.

At this point of the year, precipitation is near or slightly below average for the northeastern corner of Montana.

Glasgow reports 147 percent of normal precipitation at this time of year.

Wolf Point’s average temperature of 16.9 degrees during February and 14.8 degrees through March 22 is 13.6 degrees below the average temperature. Glasgow’s average temperature of 19.9 degrees in February and 16.7 degrees through March 22 is 12.3 degrees below the average temperature.

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