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Gustafson Inducted Into Forensic’s Hall Of Fame

Culbertson’s longtime speech and drama coach Jeri Gustafson has achieved a regional first in youth education. Gustafson was inducted earlier this month into the Montana Forensic Educators’ Hall of Fame. She is the first Eastern C coach to receive the honor.

As a coach. Gustafson has led many state champions in various events, including Trevor Green (2023), Zach Miller (2022), Charlee LeMay, Andy Nelson, Alexi Bidegaray, Violet Azure and Froid’s Alee Lockman.

“There may have been more,” Gustafson said, “but I have had a hard time finding records for all years!”

Gustafson said, “I’ve also been fortunate enough to have several team second and third place state finishes.”

She also served for more than 15 years on the state organization’s Rules and Hall of Fame

committees. She is currently in

her 31st year of coaching.

In a questionnaire completed for the induction, Gustafson said, “All students deserve a chance to be good at something. I have always done my best to instill the need for hard work, sportsmanship, professionalism, a positive attitude, pride and appropriate behavior in my team.”

This year’s Culbertson team featured Green earning a state championship in informative speaking.

Green told the Community News shortly after winning the title that Gustafson played a big role in his success.

“I feel that if Ms. G. didn’t tear apart my speech when she saw it the first time, it wouldn’t have been as powerful,” Green said.

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