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Umphreys Feeling At Home In Wolf Point

Umphreys Feeling At Home In Wolf Point Umphreys Feeling At Home In Wolf Point

Wolf Point High School Osa Umphreys has made a smooth transition to living in northeastern Montana after moving from Lincoln, Neb.

“It’s definitely different. Wolf Point is much smaller,” Umphreys said. “But the areas do have a few similarities.”

He noted that he walked everywhere in Lincoln, and everything in Wolf Point is within walking distance.

Umphreys has enjoyed his time with Wolf Point’s FFA and golf programs.

His favorite class is English with instructor Douglas Evans.

“I learn a lot in that class,” Umphreys said. “My teacher Evans really challenges me to do better.”

When asked to select his favorite teacher, Umphreys picked Evans.

“He’s really good about doing his job,” Umphreys said. “He understands the mindset

Osa Umphreys has adjusted to life in Wolf Point after moving from Lincoln, Neb. (Photo by Bill Vander Weele) of a high school senior.”

The senior’s hobbies include hanging out with friends. “Making friends here has been pretty easy,” he said.

He said he tries to improve himself. “I try to push myself to do better. I try to one up my own record,” Umphreys said.

After graduating from high school, Umphreys plans to enlist in the National Guard so he can attend college in the future.

He plans to manage in some business field, maybe business marketing.

He doesn’t restrict himself by saying there’s a particular area that he wants to live in.

“I feel like I can go anywhere if I put my mind to it,” Umphreys said. “I will to wherever opportunities are.”

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