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Legislative Update From Knudsen

My fellow Northeastern Montanans, For the 68th legislative session, I was elected to a new role as Speaker Pro Tempore of the Montana House of Representatives. This gave me the opportunity to collaborate with leadership to create the House committees. The makeup of these committees is crucial to efficiently and effectively passing conservative legislation.

As Speaker Pro Tempore, I am also responsible for reviewing each piece of legislation and assigning it to the appropriate committee. As a result, I have seen the success of numerous conservative bills pass both in committee and on the House floor.

In addition to my leadership role, I sit on three House committees. One of these committees is the House Tax committee, where we considered the Republican leadership’s priority to return Montana taxpayers their hard-earned money through six tax relief bills. Each one of those bills passed through the House and has now moved onto the Senate floor.

One of my greatest honors is to represent the people of Northeastern Montana in Helena. Republicans in the House are working hard to pass legislation to enhance our education system, reduce bureaucratic red tape, restore our judicial branch, and reform health and human services. As far-left Democrats attempt to destroy the Montana way of life, I will keep fighting for conservative policies and protect your freedoms this legislative session.

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