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How Parents Can Pitch In At Their Children鈥檚 Schools

How Parents Can Pitch In  At Their Children鈥檚 Schools How Parents Can Pitch In  At Their Children鈥檚 Schools

Giving back to one鈥檚 community can take many forms. Some may give back by supporting legislature to make communities more inclusive, while others may volunteer with their local fire departments. Parents of school-aged youngsters can typically find many opportunities to give back through their children鈥檚 schools.

Parents who volunteer with their children鈥檚 schools often get a unique glimpse into their children鈥檚 life at school. Such parents may see how their children interact with educators and classmates and gain greater insight into the school community where kids spend so much of their time. Volunteering at school also can benefit kids, who may recognize the importance of education more readily if mom and/or dad are spending their free time on campus. That recognition can leave to improved performance in the classroom.

Parent-teacher associations can be great resources for parents who want to volunteer with their children鈥檚 schools. Each year, students graduate and move on to new schools or colleges, and that means schools are in fresh need of parent volunteers each school year. Though each school has its own unique needs, the following are some roles parent volunteers may be able to play at their children鈥檚 schools.

路 Tutor 路 Mentor 路 IT support: Parents with significant experience in tech or information technology can offer to lend a hand or provide advice or insight in support of a school鈥檚 IT staff 路 Organizer: Schools host many functions in a typical school year, and officials typically ask parents to pitch in so such events can be successful. For example, parents can help organize school fundraisers, dances and holiday bazaars.

路 Chaperone on field trips 路 Assistant coach: Many schools pay stipends to the head coaches of their athletic teams, but parents can serve as unpaid assistants or support staff during the season. For example, parents can volunteer to work as gameday staff, taking tickets at the gate or directing ticket holders where to park.

路 Club official: Extracurricular clubs also can benefit from parents willing to work as volunteers. Parents can help students who want to start new clubs or serve as moderators or helpers in existing clubs.

路 Speaker: High schools may host periodic career days throughout the school year to help students on the cusp of applying to college uncover potential career paths. Parents with significant professional experience in a given field can offer to speak to students on career days, sharing information about their careers and industries and answering any questions students may have.

路 Administrative support:

Parents also can pitch to help with behind-the-scenes administrative duties like letter-writing, grant proposals and other projects that play a vital role in securing funding for school programs and other services.

Parents who want to give back to their communities can take an active role in their children鈥檚 schools.

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