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District 2C Tournament Time

District 2C Tournament Time District 2C Tournament Time

There was plenty of fan support on display during the District 2C basketball tournament played in Sidney last week. (Top photo) Bainville cheerleaders entertain during a half-time performance on Thursday, Feb. 16. (Right photo) Culbertson students show their support of the girls’ team during a contest. Teams competing included Culbertson, Bainville, Froid/Lake, Plentywood, MonDak, Brockton, Circle, Fairview, Savage and Richey/ Lambert. The top five teams advanced to the divisional tournament. Culbertson hosted play-in games on Monday, Feb. 20. The Eastern C divisional tourney is scheduled for March 1-4 in Wolf Point. The top two teams from that tournament will advance to the Class C state tournament. Next year, Fairview will move to Class B and Circle will make the change to District 3C,

(Photos by Bill Vander Weele)

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