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Letter To the Editor

This letter regards the taking of an Indian name by a person not entitled to have the name. Perry Lilley took Willard Miller’s dad Issac Miller’s name without asking Willard about it.

What did Perry Lilley ever do to earn this name? Who gave it to him? Who performed this so-called name giving?

No one came and asked Willard and he wasn’t asked to do this false naming ceremony. Perry Lilley took this name. I feel it’s disgraceful.

After he gave himself this name, I believe he started trying to act like he was a holy medicine man and even started giving out Indian names to people. What right did he have to do this?

I’m asking you the people of the Fort Pert Reservation and beyond, is this right? Would those names he gave be valid? I don’t think so.

Willard said Issac Miller is my dad. They have a dad, Joe Lilley Sr. Why don’t they honor their dad and document his life? They are Lilleys, not Millers.

The true Millers are Willard Miller, Beverly Miller Walking Eagle, Mary Miller White Wolf, Doris Miller and Issac Miller.

After Perry Lilley took this name, he had the nerve to come to Willard’s house and told him. He said Uncle, I had a dream and grandpa Issac told him (Perry Lilley) to come and get a medicine bundle. Soon as he was done, I stepped in and said you’re not getting it! It’s Willard’s bundle and he’s taking it with him when it’s his time. When Perry left, we never heard from him again. I find that disgraceful.

The so-called holy medicine man didn’t know that grandpa Issac took his Indian names with him when he passed. Willard said why do you think I don’t carry his names, because he took his names with him.

People, what do you think? Is this disrespectful and disgraceful?

Steve Lilley is asking different people if they know Willard Miller’s Indian names because he says he’s working on a documentary. Steve, do a documentary on your own dad, who is Joe Lilley Sr. Leave the Miller name alone. You’re not entitled to it. Both of you are Lilleys. Willard Miller and Doris Miller

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