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Froid School Feb. 20: ….

Froid School

Feb. 20: Corn dogs, fries, veggies and fruit.

Feb. 21: Taco bravo, refried beans, lettuce mix and taco bar.

Feb. 22: Roast turkey, mashed potatoes/gravy, buns, veggies and dessert.

Feb. 23: Chicken noodle soup, ham sandwich, veggies and fruit.

Feb. 24: Sloppy joes, fries, veggies and fruit.

*** Culbertson School Feb. 20: Corn dogs, smiles and pears.

Feb. 21: Grilled chicken, mac and cheese and cooked broccoli.

Feb. 22: Taco in a bag, refried beans and mandarin oranges.

Feb. 23: Pork chop sandwich, curly fries and banana.

Feb. 24: Pizza pocket, salad and pineapple.

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