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GNDC Reports Wins For Area During 2022

The Great Northern Development Corp. experienced a very busy and successful year in 2022.

“It was a much bigger year,” Tori Matejovsky, executive director, said. “We definitely saw more clients requests for small business technical assistance.”

GNDC assisted 11 businesses secure $8.1 million into the seven county region in the form of private, state and federal funds. Small Business Development advisors helped more than seven businesses be started or bought. About 220 jobs were created in northeast Montana.

Officials say that 85 small businesses reached out to receive free one-on-one technical support. There were 14 trainings conducted with more than 200 total attendees.

Matejovsky reports that housing services increased by a large amount. It was the biggest year ever for the Homebuyer Education Course.

A total of 32 clients received housing counseling to complete the Homebuyer Education Course to assist in qualifying for a mortgage and completing their home purchase. The Financial Stability Course Next Steps’ class attracted 30 participants. A total of 21 clients received Level I housing stability counseling and 29 clients were enrolled in a matched savings program. There were 28 clients assisted through the Montana Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

“It’s been really a very successful year,” Matejovsky said. “We had a lot of wins for our clients.”

For GNDC’s Food and Agriculture Development Center, $923,554 were leveraged from private, state and federal funds by nine regional businesses through the assistance received from staff. A total of 50 agriculture producers and businesses received one-onone counseling.

There were seven workshops and events hosted to educate, promote and advance local food business development and agriculture operations. Learning opportunities presented by FADC attracted 179 participants. The center received $25,000 to hold local beef-to-school buying and networking activities.

Matejovsky said the northeastern Montana trade show took place in Poplar to spotlight Made in Montana products.

“It was a good start,” she said.

Plans are for a bigger trade show to take place in Wolf Point during last April. The event will feature a small business summit covering various topics and a vendor’s trade show. The goal is to have the event in a different community each year.

The Native American Business program assisted 33 businesses. Three GNDC clients received Indian Equity Fund small business grants for start-up and expansion. The program hosts six trainings/ workshops.

The community economic development strategy, which has been recognized as one of the best in the state, will soon be available for review on the organization’s website at

Staff changes during the year included Quincy Walter being promoted to Small Business Development director, Mark Sansaver becoming full-time as the Native American Business advisor and Jayme Martell hired as an administrative assistant.

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