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Froid Community Drive Raises $18,044 For Year

The Round Tuit Homemakers report that the 2022 Froid Community fund drive has recently been completed.

The drive exhibited a tabulated total of $18,044. This amount shows that even in a year of adversity that the Froid community remains very generous. Any additional donations will be included in next year’s fund drive. The Round Tuit Homemakers are grateful for all the donations. They feel it’s definitely true that caring and sharing can still be found in this little corner of Montana.

The following organizations will benefit from this year’s outstanding drive: Heart Foundation, $77; Cancer Society, $222; American Red Cross, $80; Salvation Army, $85; Mental Health of Montana, $85; Multiple sclerosis, $20; Arthritis Foundation, $40; Diabetes education, $135; Froid Ambulance Quick Response, $3,403; Froid Fire Department, $4,518; GIA for Kids, $615; Froid School AR Reading Program, $405; Froid South Cemetery, $1,242; Froid Public Library, $1,550; Froid North Cemetery, $607; Northern Lights Park, $1,085; Froid Community Center building fund, $1,900; Froid School music program, $1,010; Froid fund drive expenses, $290; Ronald McDonalds House, $595; and Parkinson’s Foundation, $80.

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