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Fort Peck Summer Theatre Up For Funding

The Montana Legislature is considering the program which would appropriate over $8.5 million across the State of Montana for historic preservation.

A proposed recipient, the Fort Peck Fine Arts Council would use the grant money for the Fort Peck Summer Theatre.

According to a press release from the organization, the grant money would be used to update heating, cooling and ventilation to be able to keep the building operating year round rather than just seasonally. The building has hosted many performances over the last 50 years and these upgrades could open the theatre to even more entertainment and activities beyond the 14 weeks of the year it currently operates. And as the only performing arts center within a 300-mile radius provides a much needed amenity to the region.

The total project would cost over $1.047 million and the Fort Peck Fine Arts Council has other grant requests pending to cover the cost of the renovation.

The Montana Legislature will have to approve House Bill 12 and Governor Gianforte will need to sign the legislation to appropriate the money. The Governor did include the funding in his budget so it appears likely the funding will become a reality.

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