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Culbertson Student Wins State Title

Culbertson Student Wins State Title Culbertson Student Wins State Title

There is a state champion walking the halls of Culbertson High School.

Trevor Green, a senior, earned first-place honors for informative speaking during the recent Class C state speech and drama competition held in Manhattan.

Green said he was fairly confident heading into the event that he had the ability needed to take home the championship.

“I had the feeling,” he said. “The day before when I was in the shower, I thought to myself that I’m going to do this and nobody is going to stop me.”

Green placed fourth as a junior and fifth as a sophomore at the state meet.

“Last year, I was kind of like a robot. This year, I was smiling and showing confident,” Green said of his improvement.

His presentation focused on how people make decisions without thinking because of advertising and propaganda.

“My coaches were very proud,” Green said of winning the title. “My friends were very happy, too.”

He spent about 7 to 10 hours weekly working on his presentation. He’s thankful for coach Jeri Gustafson’s direction throughout the process.

“I feel that if Ms. G. didn’t tear apart my speech when she saw it the first time, it wouldn’t had been as powerful,” Green said.

He said he got involved in speech and drama after his older brother, Travis, urged him to participate. “He didn’t like it when I started getting better than him though,” Trevor laughed.

Trevor’s advice to other speech and drama participants is to always be courteous and have a smile on your face during your presentation.

After bringing home the state title, Green certainly has a grin on his face now.

“I’ve worked for the first-place state medal for four years, so it’s nice,” Green said.

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