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Commissioners Debate County Road Resolution

Roosevelt County commissioners approved 18 of 19 resolutions to declare the existence of several county roads during their regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

The resolution voted down by a 2-1 margin was 2023-74, which dealt with Road 1017.

Commissioner Robert Toavs said he had concerns because some of the road, but not all of the road, has an easement to state land. County Attorney Frank Piocos recommended to table the decision. Sabrina Labatte of Bartlett and West suggested in order to keep the title clean, a different resolution could be created.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers disagreed. He noted the resolution regarded only a certain section and not beyond that point.

There was also public comment about 2023-82 which includes Road 2058. Residents said that there was a petition to abandon the road in 2007, but the request wasn’t approved at that time. Landowners said a gate has blocked off the road for about 15-17 years without any legal documents required. Oelkers said that legally it’s still a county road. He noted that a road abandonment needs to still happen.

The resolution passed by a 2-1 margin with Toavs voting against.

Lynn Labatte said he will file the road abandonment procedure again.

Other county roads part of the resolution included 2059, 1018, 1014, 1015, 2055, 2054, 1016, 2055, 1016, 2053, 1013, 2052, 2050, 2049 and 1012.

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