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Jones Admits To Parole Violations

Gary Ray Jones admitted parole violations during a hearing in district court on Wednesday, Jan. 11.

Jones said he violated his parole by committing partner or family member assault and being in possession of alcohol.

Probation officer Bruce Barstad testified that Jones has done well at times on probation, especially when he was ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet. Barstad said that one of Jones’ problems is that he doesn’t believe he has a drinking problem.

Jones testified that he had only three alcohol related incidents during the last 21 months. He said that if he was committed to the Department of Corrections that he will probably lose his house.

County attorney Frank Piocos said alcohol offenses go back as far as October of 1991 for Jones. Piocos doesn’t believe that Jones “has figured it out.”

District Judge David Cybulski decided to revoke Jones’ deferred sentence. Jones will serve five years with the Department of Corrections. Cybulski noted that DOC might decide to release Jones if officials feel it’s the best course of action.

Jones received 384 days credit for time served.

In other hearings held in district court on Wednesday, Jan. 11.

* Justin Ladd Johnson made a plea of not guilty for the charge of possession of dangerous drugs. If convicted of the offense, Johnson faces maximum penalties of five years in jail, a $5,000 fine or both.

An omnibus hearing was scheduled for Feb. 15. A trial was scheduled for April 13.

Johnson requested his bond be reduced from the $25,000 amount. Public defender Sally Kay Hickok noted that Johnson lives in North Dakota and hasn’t been charged for offenses in Montana prior to now. Johnson has a job lined up.

Deputy county attorney Thomas Bleicher argued that Johnson has a lengthy criminal history in North Dakota and no ties to the community.

Cybulski reduced bond to $1,000 as well as Johnson meets the requirements of his North Dakota parole officer.

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