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Firefighters Experience Busy 2022

The Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department experienced a busy 2022 with a total of 168 calls between city, county and mutual aid responses.

“As far as the number of calls, that is a pretty average year for us,” Wolf Point Fire Chief Clint Bushman said. “The unfortunate part of those numbers is that we had more structure calls than we have had in a few previous years.”

Bushman remembers the Custer block fires standing out as being problematic for us at first, but with time and effort, the firefighters were able to prevail.

“We were run thin for a period of time with multiple calls that had a larger magnitude of commitment and had put the pressure on for other departments to help us,” Bushman said.

He added, “The mutual aid agreements we share between surrounding departments are incredibly important to us, and we are forever grateful to have the brotherhood we do.”

Some larger wildland fires were difficult to handle at first with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, but they ended up being successful responses.

“The Blister fire was our largest and most complicated of the year,” Bushman said.

The Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department currently features 15 members and can hold up to 25 members.

The fire department is actively looking and recruiting members so if you or someone you know would like to serve your community, please contact Bushman or any other fireman.

“We would love to build our already well established brotherhood,” Bushman said.

He is grateful for the dedication of Wolf Point’s firefighters.

“I am incredibly proud of the department we have and can’t say enough to the sacrifices we’ve all had to make in the past year,” Bushman said. “We have a motto that goes Family, Work, Fire. In that order.”

He is thankful for the support received from Wolf Point and the surrounding communities.

“We cannot do this job without you,” Bushman said.

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