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Depend on Insects for Seed ….

Depend on Insects for Seed Production? – Josh Campbell, USDA-ARS research entomologist – pollination specialist Morning Irrigated Session, Part 2:

• Safflower Production Under Irrigation – Jerry Bergman, recently retired WREC director

• Managing Cercospora and Fungicide Resistance – Frankie Crutcher, MSU EARC assistant professor of plant pathology

• Crop Water Use and Water Use Efficiency – Jay Jabro, USDA-ARS research soil scientist • Irrigation Scheduling: Why Is It Important, How Do We Utilize It in Our Operation, and Is Water, Just Water? - Tyler Tjelde, NSDU research agronomist Lunch – Catered by Famous Dave’s | Sponsored by the Northern Pulse Growers Association Afternoon Rangeland Session: • Palmer Amaranth: Weed to be Aware of – Charlemagne Lim, NDSU Extension weed specialist

• Leafy Spurge and Russian Olive Research – Natalie West, USDA-ARS research ecologist

• Crested Wheatgrass Response to Combined Fire and Grazing – Carissa Wonkka, USDA-ARS research ecologist • Grasshopper Workshop: o Rangeland Grasshopper Biology and Management Dave Branson, USDA-ARS research entomologist o Best Pest Management of Cropland Grasshoppers – Janet Knodel, NDSU Professor and Extension entomologist and Travis Prochaska, NDSU Extension crop protection specialist Everyone interested is encouraged to attend. Again, the summit is free, but preregistration is encouraged for determining a meal count. You can register online at https:// or by calling or emailing Beth Redlin at 406-433-2020, beth. [email protected], or Violeta Hobbes at 701-774-4315, violeta. [email protected]

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