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Council Talks Dispensary Permits

The Culbertson Town Council held its regular meeting Monday, Jan. 9.

Conditional use permit applications for cannabis dispensaries were discussed by the council. The council discussed possible revenues available to municipalities and counties through the medical and recreational sales of cannabis.

Jeremy Fadness with WWC Engineering said he would work on some ordinance language. The subject was tabled until the February meeting pending input from Fadness and attorney Laura Christoffersen.

Fadness also provided updates to the streetlight tax assessment discussion, which he said will be ongoing for at least several months while information is gathered at the local level.

Signature cards were approved for updating with Opportunity Bank and the fiscal year 2020-2021 audit report was approved.

Minutes were approved for the Dec. 12 meeting and the Jan. 3 special meeting. Financial reports and claims for December were also approved.

The next meeting of the Culbertson Town Council is set for Feb. 13.

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