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Plenty To Like About Local Newspapers


As a new year begins, we have a near miraculous story going on in Roosevelt County and you are largely the reason why the story is possible.

Since 2004, about 1,800 newspapers have closed including many community newspapers. Corporations try to cut their costs by combining newspapers and coming up with new, cheaper ways to get subscribers to pay for less news coverage.

The concerns are just as large in Montana as in any other state. Just this past October, an out-of-the-state corporation purchased 13 Montana newspapers. Those papers impacted cover communities such as Glendive, Miles City, Livingston, Laurel and Lewistown.

Although I hope that these newspapers are able to continue providing quality news coverage for their communities, it’s troublesome when these publications are led by people that don’t reside in these towns. Journalists losing local control can be a problem because big corporations with offices across the country don’t understand what’s important in your hometown.

What we are fortunate enough to have with the Northern Plains Independent and Community News is becoming more and more unique. The newspapers are locally owned by Wolf Point native Darla Downs. She doesn’t only own the newspapers — she definitely has her sweat and tears in the products. No one works harder or is a stronger advocate for local journalism.

People who know or see me are often impressed regarding how many places that I cover. That dedication is what I’ve been taught, and I love my job.

It boils down though that you, our readers and advertisers, are the real treasures in making these newspapers able to continue to succeed. Thank you so much for subscribing or paying for ads to support us. I still believe newspaper advertising is the best way to promote products. Those ads actually reach your shopping audience. By the way, our local papers are offering more and more special sections to provide additional avenues to reach your customers.

As 2023 starts a new chapter in our lives, I feel fortunate to cover the activities throughout the county. Again, thank you for your support and I hope that you will continue to enjoy the coverage.

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