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Wolf Trapping Opens In Grizzly Habitat

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife staff completed its final assessment of grizzly bear activity in occupied grizzly bear habitat. Wolf trapping season is now open in all areas of occupied grizzly bear habitat across the state, including deer and elk hunting district 130 in northwest Montana. Hunters and trappers should note that wolf harvest quotas exist in each FWP trapping district and wolf management unit 313. Those harvest quotas can be viewed andfollowedontheFWPWolf Dashboard at experience.arcgis. com/experience/34fbb 4c9509e45959f629196538 8c345.

Trappers still need to exercise caution when out in the field. Black bears are still active is some parts of the state. In addition, grizzly bears can leave dens at any point during winter; trappers are encouraged to avoid trapping in areas where grizzly sign is detected.

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