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Some of the church services in Lustre were canceled due to white out conditions and low visibility on Christmas day. It has been a week of storms, the worst being Thursday. Monday the school teams had treacherous roads to Scobey. Volunteers provided rides to dorm students to catch flights home and families kept those unable to travel.

Perhaps the best part of a “Merry Wintery Christmas” is having unexpected quality family time amidst the lessons on contentment and celebrating with others by phone the reasons for this season.

Years ago, the party line phones allowed OJ Wall to organize a church service complete with specials as they picked up their phones to worship the Lord together on a snowed in day. This week, some used the internet and phone to do this also.

Looking back, here are a few things I learned from Lustre folks in my winters here: Start your day reading the Scriptures in a quiet place or round your family table. Keep a “thankful journal” and in a year, spend an evening reading it aloud. Look for ways to bless others. Be a cheerful beacon of truth. A reflection of God’s love is what we need to see. A mirror of His holiness is what we need to be.

May your year 2023 be a time of thoughtful reflection on truth and full of considered action to live out good choices.

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