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More Snow, Deadly Cold Covers Hi-Line

Following heavy snowfall that closed businesses and schools from Frazer to Culbertson last week, bitter, deadly cold has descended on the region. Temps bottomed out Tuesday morning in Culbertson at -27 degrees with windchill, -26 in Poplar and -20 in Wolf Point. The National Weather Service in Glasgow is reporting that the Arctic air mass will persist Tuesday while a system moves in from the west bringing snow. Widespread accumulations of 2-4 inches are expected across the Hi-Line.

At press time, NWSG meteorologist Jacob Zanker told the Northern Plains Independent that a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued. “We’re seeing widespread snow moving into the area,” Zanker said. He said snow should move into the area Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning.

Accumulations are expected to be greater in the west. Bainville is expected to receive 1-2 inches, with Glasgow expecting 2-3 inches.

As for temps, Zanker says he expects the region to remain subzero into the weekend. That includes daytime highs. The coldest temps and wind chill effects are expected Thursday night, with lows of -30 a possibility. He said we may see a high of zero degrees Saturday. “Next week there’s a good chance we’ll be back to freezing,” Zanker said. But he cautioned that an absence of winds next week may delay the pushing out of frigid air.

“The biggest concern will be the dangerous wind chills through Friday morning,” states an NWSG social media post. “Wind chills below -30°F not only occur at nighttime, but also throughout the daytime the next few days. As such, a Wind Chill Warning will be in effect through noon Friday. Please cover all exposed skin if outside as frostbite can begin within five minutes.”

NWSG staff encourage readers to make sure you’re heating your home safely this week by keeping all flammables at least three feet from space heaters and have working carbon monoxide detectors.

Zanker stressed that those travelling should take precautions. “The roads are going to remain slippery for a while,” he said. He advised a preparing an emergency kit for your car or truck with chargers, first aid, flashlight, blankets, boots, mittens, tow rope, chains, jumper cables and a shovel.

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