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Beston Selected Outstanding Wrestler

Beston Selected Outstanding Wrestler Beston Selected Outstanding Wrestler

The Wolf Point Wolves wrestled in Fort Benton and at the Great Falls CMR Holiday Classic during the weekend.

In Fort Benton, Kasey Reed made his way down to 126 pounds. He went 2-0 there and wrested very well. “I think that will be a good weight for him. He was super competitive,” Wolf Point Coach Scott Vandall said.

Jesse Reed missed weight at 132 by 0.2 pounds so he had to wrestle up all three days. “He was 1-1 there,” Vandall said. “His loss was to kid that was ranked at 138 from Glasgow. We were hanging in there, but the weight and strength was a factor.”

Maddox Reum made 145 pounds and went 1-1 there. “He was right there in three matches he lost,” Vandall said.

Sam Boysun made 152 pounds. “I believe he wrested hard,” Vandall said. He really did. He is young and is going to make mistakes. And we are learning.”

Johnathan Williams went 1-1. “He wrestled well. We are working with Jon Jon. He works hard,” Vandall said. “He also made a new weight class 138.” Joli Beston made her weight at 138 and wrestled up at Fort Benton. She beat a girl from Glasgow who was at 145 pounds. “She had a little harder time with this girl. She got the win, but really had to work through the match,” Vandall said.

Jeina Reum wrestled at 107 pounds. “She just gave up about 27 pounds to the girl. She lost but it wasn’t for a lack of effort,” Vandall said.

The Wolves then went Great Falls and wrested in the biggest meet of the year. Officials split the boys’ and girls’ teams between the two big schools in Great Falls. On Friday, Beston at 138 pounds made her way to the semi-final matches. Her teammate Jeina Reum won her first match, lost her second match and then came from behind and won her third and final match of the day.

“They did a good job. There’s still things to fix, but we fix one thing at a time,” Vandall said.

Kasey Reed lost both matches at the tournament. “He wrestled some tough kids, the losses were to two AA kids,” Vandall said.

Maddox Reum also lost both matches. “He kind off had a rough weekend,” Vandall said. “He hasn’t been feeling good since the football game in Conrad.”

Sam Boysun competed at 152 pounds. He did a good job, but he lost those matches. “I am happy with his efforts. He works hard in practice and the meets, but just keeps finding grown men. Some are pretty old and mature compared to him,” Vandall said.

Jesse Reed went 3-1 on the day. He lost his blood round match the match to place. “He really impressed me this weekend,” Vandall said. “It was just age that beat him. There were a lot of coaches that were very impressed by his effort. He was heart broke after the Saturday morning match where he lost out.”

All the others wrestled Saturday at Great Falls High. Jon Jon went 2-2 and did a great job. “He truly has a champions heart,” Vandall said.

Boysun went 2-2. He also missed placing by a match. Kasey Reed made it to the finals and lost to a tough kid. ”I’m was very proud of those three. They worked their butts off and got some rewards for it,” Vandall said.

On Saturday at the CMR, Jesse Reed really picked it up a notch by making it to the second day. Jeina Reum wrestled well. She won her own blood round match placing her at the meet. She placed sixth. “We were happy with the job she did. She had to work her butt off,” Vandall said.

Beston won her semi-final match to put her into the championship. She earned a hard-fought 9-8 victory to become the first from Wolf Point to win this meet. “It was an exciting match,” Vandall said. “She did what it took to win the match.”

Beston was voted by all the coaches as the girls’ outstanding wrestler of the meet. “Joli was not really happy with her win of the last match. She didn’t feel she should have won that match. She didn’t wrestle great, but she got the job done,” Vandall said. “She was a little upset with herself. But that’s how a champion should be, always looking for ways to improve. She has a few things to work on, like we all do.”

The Wolves are now off until after New Years. “We will get back to work in practice and fix some things,” Vandall said.

Wolf Point’s next matches will be a mixer in Chester and the Cut Bank invite. “We look forward to the travel as this is one of the few Class B only meets we will get to be at,” Vandall said. “We would like to wish all Wolves’ fans a very Merry Christmas and a very safe and happy new year.”

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