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Tourism Ideas Shared During Meeting

Possible tourism ideas were shared by area residents during a meeting led by Dax Schieffer, director of Voices of Montana Tourism, and Chris Harder, principal of Coraggio Group, held in Wolf Point on Monday, Dec. 5.

Schieffer explained that the Montana Department of Commerce is interested in tourism projects throughout eastern Montana. Informative meetings were also conducted in Sidney, Glasgow and Miles City. Regional steering committees will be established.

Harder noted that the Coraggio Group handles a good amount of tourism projects. He asked residents at the meeting what they consider to be “hidden gems” for tourism in the area. Shared ideas included star grazing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, the sky at night, hiking, the people’s culture, bird watching, dinosaur trails and smalltown shops.

The possibility of promoting family activities such as fishing, kayaking and canoeing was also discussed.

Seven different tourism resiliency plans will be developed that will stress priorities.

Harder said the three phases of the projects will include: Listening and learning including an online survey; planning and developing plans; and working to make sure stakeholders can implement the plans and make them a reality.

Officials said both new and existing projects will be considered.

“What do we look like now and how do we want to look like in the future,” Holder said stakeholders should ask.

Need mentioned were financial help with marketing, transportation and infrastructure. Training for improving customer service was also mentioned.

Additional meetings will be conduced in Wolf Point throughout the process.

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