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Dear Santa, My name is ….

Dear Santa, My name is …. Dear Santa, My name is ….

Dear Santa, My name is Keyal River Ackerman and I went a fuzzy blanket, and a drone, a hoverbourd, a hoverbourd, a xbox, LED light and I went alot of stickers. I think that all I went. Love, Keyal


Dear Santa, My name is Harper and I want a iphone, and I want a teddy bear, and a bag foll of make up, and a bag foll of teddy bear and new stuff for my besk and a bag foll of a new Jorden shose.

Love, Harper


Dear Santa, May I have a poggo stick because I can do 53 jump’s on the poggo stick and squish mello’s, maching bracelt’s, water bottle and a note book so I can make pictures and make stores, chapstick, led lights, blakents and roller blades so I can learn more. I don’t want all of it I just want alittle of the stuff you can get me Merry Christmas. Love, Scarlett Brien Dear santa my name is karley, and what I want for Chrismas is my sweet piano plushies, my melody plushies or cinnmon roll plushie, sqishmellews, even kuormi plush they are from sanio hello kitty. Maybe a sanio cup, hello kitty stickers, a notbook, soft blanks. And thank you Santa Love, Karley Strait


Dear Santa, Hi Santa my name is Emmitt I want a dirt bike, military toy’s, new parts for my go-kart and 5100$ gift cards for my xbox.

Love, Emmitt Dear Santa, My name is Ryder and for Christmas i want is a hoodie christmas clothes also a forwheeler spider man figures and a new ps4 controller blue Love, Ryder


Dear Santa, My name is Tyler and what I would love for christmas is a horse but you might not be able to fit a horse in the magic bag but I also want some wrangler jeans, Nike sweats, Jordans and some giftcards.

Love, Tyler


Dear Santa, My name is Cali Gorder and I would like Squish mellows, journals (with a lock), matching bracelets, coloring sets, slime, fluffy blankets, chapstick, I survived books, LED lights, & HUGE sloth. It’s ok if I don’t get it all but I want some of it. Merry Christmas! Love, Cali Gorder


Dear Santa, My name is Cole Morales. I wonder if I am on the naughty or nice list So first i want a snowmobile and two hundred dollars worth of rolblox, and also two ps5, and two xbox series S.

Love, Cole Morales

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