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Dear Santa, I’ve tryed my ….

Dear Santa, I’ve tryed my …. Dear Santa, I’ve tryed my ….

Dear Santa, I’ve tryed my best this year. thanks for last years stuff. This year I want a dirt bike fourstroke. I need better snowpants. I would wear a Christmas sweater. I like to read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue fish.

Love, Dexter


Mrs. Becker’s 2nd Grade Southside School

Dear Santa, How ard you? I want a gair of shoes and iceskates. I need clothes. I will a leave a plate with cookies and milk. How are your reindeer? I am good. How is Mrs Claus?

Love, Adalyn Joy Kennedy


Dear Santa, How are you and the reindeer doing? Oh how are the elves doing? I’ve decided that I want a makeup set and school supplies this year.

Love, Emma Mae Zaydence Burshia


Dear Santa, How are you? I will be leaving milk and cookies out for you when you come to my house on Christmas Eve. How are the reindears doing I really want a lot of books for Christmas.

Love, Grayson S.


Dear Santa, Can I get some clothes and toys for my baby brother for christmas? How are the reindeer doing. Can I get a PS5 too Please.

Love, Grayson White


Dear Santa, How is your day Santa and Mrs. Santa? How Rudolph doing?

How are the elves in the shop?

I want a stuffed animal for chhistmas? Hope you merry Christmas.

Love, Peton Vallie


Dear Santa, Santa, I left milk and cookies out for you. Are your reindeer good? Santa can you please, please bring me my lego house and some books Santa! You are the best!

Love, Ava Kurokawa


Hello Santa Claus, I help my mom at the grocery store. I help my grandma. May I please have a jet and a Buzz Lightyear? I want to feed the reindeer some carrots. I will get milk and cookies from the store for you. Santa, you are the best. Love, Kelly White Dear Santa.

How are you? I would like hair products for christmas. I would like a Hover board. Then I want fack makeup I will leave cookies. I will Santa. How are the rein deer doing?

Love, Laylah


Dear Santa, How are you doing Santa. I really want a Hoverboard because I never had one. So, I can try.

Oh ya how are your reindeer doing Oh ya, I’m leaving milk and cookies for you. Oh ya, and I need new clothes for school. I love you Santa.

Love, Russellynn Ellen White


Dear Santa, How are the elves doing? I want a moving scooter and a barbie.

I need snowpants and gloves.

I put milk and cookies on the table. How are the reindeer doing? I want some rollerskates. I need pillows. I love you Santa!

Love, Tristina Ryan Jackson


Dear Santa, I like your reindeer. I hope to feed carrots to your reindeer. I want a toy truck for Christmas and a Buzz Lightyear. I will save some cookies and milk. I need a new pair of pants and pajamas. Goodbye Santa! I like your


Love, Tavien Welch


Dear Santa, I will leave out milk and cookies for you. I want a watch for Christmas so I can play games on it. I need a new shirt and pants. I know you have to leave and go back to the North Pole.

Love, Jaxon

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