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Christmas By:Ella Anderson Christmas ….

Christmas By:Ella Anderson Christmas is here so give a cheer It is the most wonderful time of the year Look at the fireplace make some space for the stockings are stuffed with candy canes there is a little child looking out the window panes looking at a snowman and his sad little face The tree is big and green with so many presents you have ever seen So Merry Christmas! hope you get as many presents as me!



Christmas Season - Aeryn Ator

The month has arrived I’ll Now be sleep deprived.

The advent season is here There’s no need to fear.

The smelly green tree Although it was not free Is now in our living room It makes me happy.

I lay down in bed that sweet December night.

Mamma told me to sleep I shall not fight.

I awake that morning, stirring like a bee.

I’m so excited I can’t finish my Tea. I look at the stockings all Stuffed and plump Oh I wish I didn’t get a big black lump.

My dear family that’s snuggled and cuddled up close, Although we cannot afford a big brown roast Are the happiest, luckiest People alive.

My family has a happy and Lovingly great big bee hive.

Oh, Mr. St Nick I thank you for no trick opinion on the cookies I really Would like it.

Hope The reindeer are fine And Mrs. Claus as well I really am not lying Your story I will tell.

Thank you for this Christmas And all the presents, Too Thank you dear Saint Nicholas, And merry Christmas to YOU!


by Taylor Arneson It was a cold wintery day while the family was away.

I lay in bed thinking of wonderful things in my head. Oh I wish they were here.

It’s a wonderful day.

Soon it will be Christmas and They will be here.

The next day they arrived That evening.

What fun we had on that On that cold wintery day!


Christmas Spirit by Lynn Bets His Medicine The wind is blowing with a cold breeze . Children are singing everywhere . The laughter and joy are always shared . These are signs that the Christmas spirit is in the air . the love that we give will always be felt . The messages we convey will also be sent .The poor and the needy will now be fed .

The people everywhere are having fun .The feathers are bondingwith their son. The quarrels and fights are already over.


The Snow Day By CeJaye Flinn Snow is white like the cloud in the sky just like the snow falling from sky so then it makes it as cold as ice then here comes more snow then we can play more in the snow then we can make snow families with a dog made out of snow with a big house that can live in forever until the snow melts down into water.


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