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chimney Carols loud and clear ….

chimney Carols loud and clear …. chimney Carols loud and clear ….

chimney Carols loud and clear How to bring a frown upside down

Ready ready for the Chrismas joy

Ice skating at the pond is nice Start caring for your family Merry and holly for the Chris mas spirit

Artic season fun and joy Start sharing and caring By Easton Boxer


Christmas is the best time of the year

Hearts ful of joy Raindeer guiding santa through the air

Items are given to little boys and girls

Siting under the tree This is that time of the year Marry Christmas to those who believe

A big thank you for having joy So thank you for having joy By Gage Norgaard


Christmas carol joy, fun, and Holly

Holly, cheer, joy, and fun on days

Roudolphs fly in midnight It’s joy and fun for Christmas cheer

So comfy and warm for joy and cheer

Time for love and joy for holly carol

Mistletoe in the sky

A Christmas Dinner and lots of love

So much kids and presents By Kyra HeavyRunner


Cheer for presents every year However santa can’t be seen

I can’t wait till Christmas Singing Carolers outside your house

Taking time to make a list Making snowmen is so fun At your house drinking Some hot cocoa By Dreyton Red Eagle


Carry santa on my sleigh Have him fell alright Right him the nicest poem that makes him feel alright

In December it snows and my heart glows

Their are a lot of carols at my door

Magic in the air Alot of carols sing loud and clear

Santa in the chimney delivering my presents By AJ Mazawasicuma


Christmas songs are heard all around

Happy boys and girls Really a good time of the year It is a time of you So many gifts The time of family Merry times for everyone Almost Christmas time Sledding is very fun By Eli Atkinson


CHRISTMAS cheer is every where

Have a Holly Jolly CHRISTMAS to everyone

Reindeer fly threw the air in a sleigh

I will sit on santes lape this year Sante only gives out gifts to the ones that are good

Toys bring children joy and Happynies

Making a list of sante is fun for everydody

A present is good for me but caring is more imporite

Sante will be there have a merry Christmas By Louden Headdress Christmas time is here! Hope you have joy and fun. Ringing bells on the sled.

I love Christmas. Scrafs and jackets on the chil dren!

Toys and toys. Mass of presents and gifts.

A lot of joy and happiness Sledding and caring.

By Shaydin Hagadone


Creamed cookies on the plate Hot cocoa in the cup Ringing bells on the house Ice skateing is fun to do Skateing in fun Two elves on the tree Making cookies Almost Christmas Singing carols By Hannah Sharpeyes


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