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Michaelsen Faces Drug, Animal Cruelty Charges

Thea Jo Michaelsen is facing 14 charges including three felonies. Misdemeanor charges include 10 counts of cruelty to animals.

Felony charges are criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to distribute meth, criminal possession of dangerous drugs (fentanyl) and criminal possession of dangerous drugs (meth). Michaelsen is also facing a misdemeanor charge for possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to court documents, a search took place at a residence on Oct. 21. Agencies involved included the Montana Department of Criminal Investigations, Fort Peck Tribal Narcotics, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Montana Highway Patrol and Roosevelt County Sheriff’s office.

Officers located three individuals inside of one bedroom. Near the night stand in the bedroom was a glass plate with two individual lines. Those lines had a crystal like substance believed to be meth. The two lines tested positive for meth utilizing a NARTEC methamphetamine test ampule. Multiple smoking apparatuses along with an individual baggie with crystal-like residue were also located.

Inside a box was a blueish greenish pill believed to be fentanyl. On the floor was a green backpack that contained a jar with a baggie that contained a crystal-like substance. An envelope was also found with a crystal-like substance. Officers located multiple pieces of burnt tinfoil throughout the residence which were believed to be used to smoke fentanyl. Also discovered were a scale and multiple ledgers.

In the bedroom where Michaelsen was located, at the time of the search, a pink cellular device was located. As the face of the phone began to light up, it had a message that displayed illegal drug activity. Officers utilized self-contained breathing apparatuses because of an overwhelming smell of ammonia. Throughout the residence, officers located a total of 10 dogs who were inside of their kennels with fecal matter. In one room, three of the dogs were lying in their kennel in pools of fecal matter.

On Oct. 21, the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s office contacted the Wolf Point police chief regarding an animal control issue at a Wolf Point residence and that the dogs needed to be removed as they were in poor condition and were aggressive. Upon arrival, the police department found two German shepherds in a fenced area. The dogs didn’t have shelter. When entering the residence, there was a strong order of animal waste coming from inside the home. There were no accessible food or water dishes accessible to the dogs either inside or outside. All 10 dogs were placed with the Wolf Point City Pound.

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