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Beef Archambault To Host Youth Identity Symposium

Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center, Native Pride and the NDO Youth Council are hosting a Youth Identity Symposium Dec. 21 at the Wolf Point Community Center.

Facilitated by Donovan “Beef” Archambault, the gathering is open to ages 14 and up. Door prizes will be offered, along with games food and snacks. The theme for drug and alcohol free event is “Who am I?”

“Fort Peck youth struggle with the idea of self identity or how they see themselves,” Archambault told the Northern Plains Independent.

“Many of these kids are enrolled members of the Nakoda or Dakota tribes but don’t really have an idea of what it means to be ‘Native,’ some don’t even know what kind of native they are, in the middle of a reservation. That’s saying something. If kids only see themselves in a context of negativity, their thoughts and actions are going to reflect that highly, so we hope to help them answer that question.”

NDO organizer Carrie Manning said youth from all over the area are welcome. “It’s not only for NDO youth council,” she said. “NDO is hosting, but the event is for all youth, Native and non-Native. We do not discriminate. The message will be powerful. All the youth need to hear.”

The event will start at 3 p.m. There will be no to-go orders.

Said Manning, “Basically it’s a ‘lock down.’ Young people are welcome to stay as long as they want but once you leave you can’t come back unless it’s excusable.”

Call Manning at 406-6504456 or Ernie Bighorn at 406-853-6631 for more infor-

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