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Lions Aim For Divisional Berth This Season

Lions Aim For Divisional Berth This Season Lions Aim For Divisional Berth This Season

Lustre’s girls’ basketball squad features 14 players including athletes with quality court time experience.

Alexa Reddig, a junior, has received All-Conference and All-State honors in past seasons. She missed a good amount of last season with a shoulder injury.

“She’s all healed up,” Lustre coach Bill Reddig said.

Grace Brown and Aubri Holzrichter, both juniors, have each played for Lustre’s varsity squad since the eighth grade. Brown was voted to the All-Conference team last season.

Coach Reddig said those three will be counted on to provide a good amount of leadership and points for the Lions.

Other players with varsity experience include sophomore Abby Olfert, freshman Hannah Brown, sophomore Jaden Gibson and sophomore Meredith Valentine.

Another player who should help the squad is eighth grader Lauren Holzrichter.

“I’m really looking forward to the season,” coach Reddig said.

The Lions’ roster features 14 girls including five foreign students who haven’t played the game prior to this year.

“It’s all new for them,” coach Reddig said.

Hope Marottek is one of two seniors on the team.

Coach Reddig feels North Country and Scobey should be the top teams in the league.

Lustre’s goal is to qualify for divisional tournament.

“There are some other good teams similar to us, so it won’t be easy,” he said.

Lustre Girls’ Basketball Schedule Dec. 2: at Glasgow Invitational Dec 3: at Glasgow Invitational Dec. 9: at Scobey Invitational Dec. 10: at Scobey Invitational Dec. 16: Nashua Dec. 17: at Culbertson Dec. 19: Bainville Dec. 20: at Scobey Jan. 7: at Frazer Jan. 13: at North Country Jan. 14: Dodson Jan. 19: at Nashua Jan. 21: Culbertson Jan. 24: Scobey Jan. 27: at Bainville Feb. 4: Frazer Feb. 10: North Country Feb. 11: at Dodson Feb. 15-18: District Tournament (Glasgow) March 1-4: Eastern C Divisional (Wolf Point) March 8-11: State (Billings)

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