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Sports experiences make great gifts

The thrill of sports has inspired billions of loyal fans and athletes across the globe. Professional, collegiate, scholastic, and even recreational sports entertain people all year long. That popularity is something shoppers can keep in mind as they look for the perfect gift for the family sports fan this holiday season.

Many adults undoubtedly recall receiving sports equipment as a holiday gift when they were children. Whether it’s a baseball mitt or a field hockey stick or a new ball, these gifts tend to light up kids’ eyes come Christmas morning. Adult sports fans may not need such equipment, but they might be just as excited to receive these unique sports experiences this holiday season.

· Tickets: For diehard sports fans, nothing is better than going to the big game. Perhaps in acknowledgment of the growing popularity of following a favorite team on the road, many professional sports leagues now release team schedules months in advance of the first game of the season. For example, the National Football League released its 2022 schedule in mid-May, despite the fact that the season does not begin until September. Shoppers can peruse schedules and circle a must-see home game or lay the foundation for a memorable trip by giving tickets to a road game.

· Stadium tour: Stadium tours are another great experience the family sports fan will undoubtedly appreciate. Many professional sports teams now welcome fans to tour their stadiums both in-season and during the offseason. These tours offer a behindthe- scenes look at stadiums, arenas and ballparks. Teams may even host tours on game days, making this a great stocking stuffer to pair with tickets to a game.

· Fan fest: Fan fest tickets make an ideal gift for individuals who can be accurately described as “diehards” for their favorite teams. These family-friendly gatherings tend to happen in the weeks leading up to the start of a new season. A handful of current and former players typically attend fan fests, which are hosted by the team and typically include activities for adults and children alike.

· Lessons: Holiday shoppers may have a sports fan on their list who still enjoys lacing up their cleats. For example, pro golf fans may still enjoy hitting the links themselves. In such instances, lessons from a nearby golf pro can be just the thing to make sports fans smile this holiday season.

Sports experiences make an ideal gift for individuals whose passion for a favorite team is a big part of their life.

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