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Johnson Faces Fentanyl, Meth Charges

Otis Sherman Johnson has been charged with four drug-related felony charges.

Johnson is facing the charges of criminal possession of dangerous drugs (fentanyl) with intent to distribute, criminal possession of dangerous drugs (meth) with intent to distribute, criminal possession of dangerous drugs (fentanyl) and criminal possession of dangerous drugs (meth).

According to court documents, a Montana Highway Patrol trooper was parked in front of a Wolf Point business on Nov. 1. The trooper was on the phone with a Fort Peck Tribes’ narcotics officer who was parked in the Amtrak train station’s parking lot. A vehicle in the parking lot was being driven by a Brockton man with a suspended drivers license.

The trooper followed the vehicle as it traveled east on Front Street to the intersection of Front Street and Third Avenue South. The vehicle turned south onto Third Avenue South, then east onto Main Street.

As the trooper got behind the vehicle, the trooper observed the windshield to be cracked in several places. A traffic stop was conducted. The driver provided consent to search the vehicle.

The trooper and tribes’ narcotics officer spoke with the other two occupants of the vehicle. Johnson was the rear passenger. After a deputy advised Johnson of his Miranda rights and Johnson agreed to a search, law enforcement found a small yellow baggie containing 13 blue/green pills. The pills appeared to be fentanyl as they were stamped with “M30.”

Also in the vehicle was a plastic baggie that contained a white crystal-like substance. The suspected methamphetamine was photographed and collected as evidence.

While Johnson was being booked in the jail, an additional fentanyl pill stamped “M-30” was in a pill bottle with two other types of pills. Several plastic baggies were also found. When Johnson was asked about the baggies, he said that he “had plans” but that law enforcement had found him before he was able to do anything.

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