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Did you know?

Did you know? Did you know?

Of all of the drinks available for consumption, wine is the most popular. According to Food & Wine magazine, rather than trying to match wines to particular dishes or flavors, it is best to choose a wine that complements a wide variety of foods for the Thanksgiving meal. Light-bodied red wines that are not oaky are a good choice because they tend to have a great deal of fruit and acid that will complement a wide range of dishes and flavors. Pinot noir, with its subtle earthy notes, is a great accompaniment to the fall flavors of cranberries, apples and herb-rich turkey and stuffing. Zinfandel is another good red candidate. While heartier than pinot noir, it is a great wine to canvas a variety of Thanksgiving side dishes. For white wine enthusiasts, riesling is a natural choice. With notes of apple, apricot and honey, it is an excellent pair with spicy, salty or sweet foods. Sauvignon blanc also tops the white wine list. Known for its crisp, citrusy flavor and herbal undertones, it is a prime pairing for turkey and mashed potatoes. If you’re on the fence between red and white, a dry rosé is a versatile go-between. While cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay are very popular, their oakiness pairs better with meals featuring red meat.

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