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Commissioners Approve Vehicle, Floodplan Meeting

The Roosevelt County commissioners approved the purchase of a vehicle for the sheriff’s office during their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Commissioners approved the purchase of a 2022 Ford F-150 with 23,868 miles. With a trade in of $9,050, cost is $50,000.

Due to different regulations from DNRC, commissioners will advertise a public hearing for a revised floodplan regulations.

“It will be a gigantic undertaking,” commissioner Duane Nygaard said.

He mentioned that the floodplan is important for the many irrigators along the river.

“It’s a big thing that the people should be aware of,” Nygaard said.

Demarco Lilley was approved to fill the position of part-time janitor to work at the Roosevelt County Library.

During public comment, resident Bill Juve asked about an update about an upgrade to the Rodeo Road by the rodeo grounds. The improvements by MDOT are expected to include a flashing light and stop signs.

Commissioner Gary Macdonald said the state is planning safety funds for the project anticipated to cost about $200,000. Commissioners told Juve they will call MDOT for its plans for construction.

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