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Roosevelt County Hires New Deputy Attorney

Roosevelt County will have a deputy county attorney starting in January. Commissioners have approved the hiring of Thomas Bleicher effective Jan. 3, 2023.

Bleicher will be the county’s first deputy attorney since Austin Knudsen was elected Montana attorney general in November 2020.

He is a graduate of the University of Wyoming and has passed the bar. He will become certified in Montana at the start of 2023.

Roosevelt County Attorney Frank Piocos noted that Bleicher came up to Wolf Point and toured the area.

“It was a long, good interview,” Piocos said.

By Montana statue, Bleicher will get paid 85 percent of the county attorney’s salary or about $98,000 annually.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers noted that Bleicher was interested in moving to a smaller town and was impressive in the interview process.

Also during the commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 11, commissioners approved a resolution to hear public input on accepting roads to be public roads. A public meeting is scheduled for Nov. 1, at 6:30 p.m. at the Bainville Fire Hall. Roads to be discussed include Highway 405 North. Other roads on the meeting’s agenda are Road 1000, Road 2043, Road 2044, Road 1002, Road 1001, Road 2049, Road 1004, Road 1006, Road 2057, Road 1005, Road 2054 and Road 1003.

“It’s a pretty good chunk of roads,” Oelkers said.

He stressed that the process is so people who wish to buy property will have access. The county isn’t making improvements to the roads.

Commissioners approved the bid from Prince to purchase 10,000 tons of rejected gravel for $5 per ton. The gravel is from the Parenteau pit west of Froid.

During a special meeting on Oct. 4, the county approved purchasing 8,500 tons of gravel from Century Companies for the amount of $9.50 per ton and a total of $76,000. The gravel is from the Wolf Point pit.

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