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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor:

“Are you kidding me?” In response to Dave Parsley’s excellent letter about Triangle Park, I couldn’t agree more. Right now, we have a beautiful park with shade trees, picnic tables and gobs of green grass. That’s the very definition of a park.

We have a “people problem!” And if the people aren’t “necessarily the problem,” then what pray-tell is? The trees? The grass? The tables? Other places don’t have these problems simply because they don’t tolerate it. Why do we?

Stop wasting taxpayers’ money on cosmetic changes! Deal with the actual problem and the problem will solve itself! Scott Taylor ***

Dear Editor:

Tourism displays, memorials, etc., are not going to fix the current problems at Triangle Park. Face it, the problem is the people who frequent the park. Alcohol, fights, weapons, garbage, ambulance calls, people passed out and dogs running loose (probably using the park as their own private bathroom) are many of the problems.

A few nights back, there were about 15 dogs enjoying the park (No kidding). And someone else is always left to clean up the mess. Most people are afraid to use the park and that’s not fair to the rest of the community!

However, these problems were not addressed by the city councilman. He feels that those visitors to the park are not necessarily the problem, and that attitudes need to change in order to have an improved atmosphere. Who’s attitude is he talking about? And if those visitors frequenting the park are not causing the problems, may I ask who the hell is?

This park is the city’s park. We want to keep it just the way it is without signs, etc. No city taxes should be used in these attempts to make the park happy and inviting. I pay city taxes and I vote no on any of this! Triangle Park is simple and beautiful. Leave it alone! You’re barking up the wrong tree. Kali Lien

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