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Senior Profile - Bengochea Strives For Success At Culbertson School

Bengochea Strives For Success At Culbertson School Bengochea Strives For Success At Culbertson School

Senior Profile

Culbertson High School’s Justice Bengochea has made quite a name for himself in sports during his high school career, but he has also achieved success in other activities as well.

He appreciates the information that he has obtained through the school’s FFA program.

“I’ve learned tons in FFA,” Bengochea said. “Even people that you just meet, teach you so much.”

The senior’s variety of competitions includes livestock judging, agronomy, job interview, ag mechanic and sales. He notes that livestock judging is his favorite. “I’m on the farm all summer working with animals,” Bengochea explained. “It suits me the best.” He placed 11th at the district meet last year for livestock judging.

Another activity is serving as the senior class representative for student council. He said officers are looking forward to offering the snowball dance in November.

As far as sports, Bengochea participates in football, cheer and track. He says football is his favorite sport “by far.”

Reasons for his love for football include the ability to put all your force out on people and that it takes a whole team effort to reach success.

After being part of rebuilding squads in his first two high school football seasons, Bengochea is thankful for the amount of victories during the last two years. He credits the work done in the off season for the one of the reasons that Cowboys now have a successful program.

The linebacker/fullback says he enjoys tackling the best, but blocking to create holes for tailbacks also brings a smile to his face.

“Just pounding the football. That’s what we do here, and it seems to be working,” Bengochea said.

During track season, he competes in the weight events of shot put, discus and javelin. Shot put is his best event. He placed in the top five at both the district and divisional track meets last season.

In the classroom, his favorite class is English with teacher Shelly Salvevold. “She makes it fun,” Bengochea said. Other favorite teachers include Dave Solem and Logan Nickoloff.

Bengochea is undecided what his major will be in college. ‘It’s wide open right now. I assume it will be some sort of trade,” he said. He plans to either compete in football or track at the collegiate level depending on which sport offers him the best opportunity.

He is glad to be part of the Culbertson community.

“We do our best to fight through adversities,” Bengochea said. “We’re a big, nice family in the community.”


Justice Bengochea succeeds in sports and FFA at Culbertson High School.

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