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sisters: “It’s a boy, and ….

sisters: “It’s a boy, and it’s a big one.” His greatest accomplishment was that he loved his family farm so much he grew up to own it.

Helen Meyer, 100, Anaconda.

Meyer’s secret to longevity is never skip a meal, exercise and stay active. The most amazing event in her life was growing up on the farm. She said there was no running water to the house. She remembers long rides to town in the horse and buggy which were two to three hours one way. She is happy with her claim to fame of turning age 100.

John Morgan, 101, Missoula.

Morgan explains his secret to longevity is good food, good work etiquette, getting outdoors to fish, hunt and trap, helping family, and being a non-smoker. His favorite quote is: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Mickael Tieg, 106, Lebo.

When Tieg was younger, the Lebo Post Office was operated out of the family home. He was the eighth of 11 children, and all were born on the family farm. When he was 100, he taught himself to play the violin.

Patricia Erickson, 101, Kalispell.

Erickson was born in Whitefish and she raised her five children in Montana. She loves to hike and walk in the mountains. She says her secret to longevity is to have a great sense of humor, hard work and a great outlook on life.

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