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McDonald’s Owner Wants To Have Positive Role In Community

Emmanuel Leon, the owner of the McDonald’s Restaurant in Wolf Point, wants to make a positive impact in the community and Eastern Montana.

“It’s going well,” Leon said of business. “We’re trying to get more involved in the community.”

Leon became the owner of the Wolf Point, Glasgow and Sidney restaurants 16 months ago, but he’s certainly not new to the company. In fact, he’s a second generation of McDonald’s franchise owners.

“I’ve always wanted to become an owner/operator,” Leon said Prior to coming to Eastern Montana, he worked for his brother at McDonald’s stores in Yuma, Ariz.

Leon jumped at the opportunity to own the McDonald’s in eastern Montana.

“I’m still learning about the area,” Leon said.

He noted the cold weather during the winter doesn’t bother him.

“I come from extreme heat. When it’s extreme weather, you’re staying indoors,” he said.

He is pleased with his working crew in Wolf Point. “We have the most fun of any restaurant,” he said.

One of his plans at the Wolf Point store is to bring in birthday and other small parties. A machine to make frozen Cokes is also scheduled.

The area stores will begin the e-production system soon where the amount of food is cooked less but more often. During November, “the best burger” featuring burgers and onions straight from the grill will be offered.

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