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Letters To The Editor

To the Wolf Point City Council, let’s all of us start being accountable for our own actions: That’s what we need in our community, to start respecting our city and its parks. There are rules and laws to follow in Triangle Park and the parks on Main Street. The gazebo is a big problem. Also, people are drinking, urinating and defecating in these parks. Condoms have been found in these parks!

These parks are there for families and not for public intoxication, fighting and drinking and drugs.

We need lights and cameras to control what is happening in our parks and a lot of police presence. Also, businesses should not have to hire private security. Again, people need to be accountable for their own actions.

If people want to put signs in the parks, don’t let this happen. They should work with the Wolf Point Museum. Our parks have names now, don’t change them.

What’s happening in these parks is not inviting, it’s embarrassing to our community.

Banning malt liquor won’t fix these problems. It’s time to stop making excuses for people. Our court systems have to make people accountable for their actions.

My suggestion for the parks is to follow the city’s rules! No alcohol, drugs, public intoxication, loitering, littering in the parks.

Also, quit using the underpass for a garbage dump.

The city council needs to concentrate on the crime and drugs affecting our community!

Be accountable for your own actions.

David Parsley Sr.

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