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Regular Meeting To Include Budget Talks - Bainville Council Considers Impact Fees

Regular Meeting To Include Budget Talks

The Bainville Town Council held a special meeting Monday, Sept. 26. The council met to discus a recommendation from attorney Laura Christoffersen regarding the rescinding of sewer impact fees paid by town residents. Residents who paid impact fees dating back to Nov. 2015 will see a refund of those payments if a resolution is passed by the council. The total sum to be refunded is $7,030. The council voted to accept Christoffersen’s recommendation, pending further research and actions from legal. All residents with addresses in the title chain which are eligible for refund will be contacted. At press time, clerk Nikki Rogers said the creation of a hookup fee for services is on the table and will be discussed further at the Oct. 11 regular meeting.

Council member Carol Rassmussen said the community development committee is researching options for grants and other funding to create a new community activity center. Discussions are ongoing.

A resolution was passed to increase the water/sewer budget expenditures for the town by $29,800 to cover the minimum required allotment.

Four-way stops signs passed by the council have been installed at the intersections of Rhea Ave. and Tubman Street and Flynn Ave. and First Street.

The Oct. 11 meeting will double as a public hearing for the 2021-22 fiscal year budget. Ongoing talks will also be held regarding the adoption of a budget for 2022-2023.

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