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Gallery Nights exhibition series. “True ….

Gallery Nights exhibition series. “True Archdale: The Cosmic Dance” showcases Archdale’s expressive multimedia work that uses improvised lines with bold colors that reference both abstract art and design elements of Assiniboine culture.

More than 20 pieces of Archdale’s will be highlighted. Begun in 2017, these works are described by Archdale as “the expression of ideas and lines that started forming in my mind in the 80s and over time have emerged to form a unique visual language.” In True’s words, “This work comes together freely without preconception and I invite you to explore on this visual journey.”

After spending three decades in Los Angeles, Calif., Archdale has returned to home to Montana. This will be her first exhibition in the state.

For more information on the show, visit The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery.

To see more examples of True’s work visit truearchdale. com.

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