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Commissioners Approve Budget For 2022-2023

The Roosevelt County budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year isn’t much different than in the previous fiscal year, according to county commissioners.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said there is no extra mills and no tax increase for county taxpayers.

Oelkers said the sheriff office’s budget is a bit larger with the addition of a deputy and a jail employee positions.

CARES funds will be utilized to purchase some new vehicles for the sheriff’s office.

“Oil revenue helped a lot to fill the budgets,” Oelkers said.

Commissioners approved the final budget during a meeting on Sept. 8.

Tax valuation is listed as $31,746.013. One mill yields is $31,746.

Budgeted expenditures include $11,190.062 for the general fund. Other budgeted expenditures are $765,500 for bridges, $216,500 for noxious weed control, $317,770 for fair, $152,950 for airport, $364,000 for comprehensive insurance, $590,425 for library, $597,443 for senior citizens, $223,690 for Extension, $3,940,678 for public safety, $85,690 for museum, $845,400 for permissive medical, $930,00 for jail G.O. debt, $3,518,410 for roads and $938 for emergency and disaster.

Budget expenditures for non-levied funds included $77,520 for drug forfeiture, $28,800 for records preservation, $8,689 for library endowment, $121,160 for the community of Brockton, $1,454 for Brockton-gas tax, $2,164 for Brockton-gas tax special, $100,000 for alcohol and drug abuse, $329,303 for gasoline tax, $420,211 for gas tax-special, $16,498 for junk vehicles, $13,142 for noxious weed grant, $682,300 for 911 emergency, $40,400 for county land information, $407,127 for severance tax investment, $518,438 for accelerated oil and gas, $28,158 for domestic preparedness, $375,450 for bioterrorism, $1,565,904 for CARES act, $1,979,162 for American Rescue plan act, $2,351,882 for road capital improvement, $558,330 for public safety capital improvement, $146,100 for general capital improvement, $53,209 for junk vehicle capital, $119,994 for water oper-Brockton, $27,103 for sewer oper-Brockton and $73,477 for solid waste-Brockton.

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