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Enrollments Staying Fairly Steady

The good news is that enrollment figures are up or steady for many of the schools in Roosevelt County and in the area.

Wolf Point’s enrollment includes 257 students at Southside, 152 students at Northside, 123 at the junior high and 234 at the high school for 766 total. At this time last year, the school district had 804 students.

The Poplar School District features 869 students.

“That number has gone up steadily since our first day of school,” Poplar superintendent of schools Dan Schmidt said. “We are thinking we will level out after this week. This number is about the same as what we had last year at this time.”

The Culbertson School District reports 278 students this fall.

“We’re up a little bit,” Culbertson superintendent of schools Larry Crowder said.

Crowder noted the enrollment features 29 new students in Culbertson for grades 1-12. Nine students have transferred outside of the district.

Culbertson’s largest classes include freshmen with 29, seniors with 26, third grade with 24 and sixth grade with 24 students. Other classes above 20 are kindergarten at 22, second grade with 21, fourth grade with 22, eighth grade with 23 and sophomores with 22.

For the first time in Crowder’s long tenure at the school, Culbertson is having double classrooms for grades K-5. Enrollment figures in Brockton include 78 for the elementary, 26 for the junior high school and 51 at the high school level. Last fall, the school’s enrollment was 71 in the elementary, 32 in 7-8 grade and 48 in the high school.

The Bainville School District includes 165 students this fall.

“It’s roughly the same as last year,” Bainville superintendent Darin Hannum said. “Everything is about the same.”

Bainville’s largest class is the junior class with 20 students.

Froid starts the school year with 93 students after ending last the 2021-2022 school year with 105 students.

Each of Froid’s four high school classes has 10 students.

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