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Cybulski Expected To Weigh In On Legion Park

A vehicle blocking the roadway to Legion Park in Culbertson has been moved at the request of Roosevelt County Sheriff Jason Frederick. At press time, gates remained closed at the site pending input from Montana District Court Judge David Cybulski specifying the exact route of the road.

Legion Park is theoretically open to visitors following a July 26 ruling from the Montana Supreme Court, which found that the access road should remain open to the public. With gates closed and routes in dispute, longterm access plans remain cloudy.

Frederick visited the site of the obstruction Wednesday, Sept. 7, along with Roosevelt County Commissioner Gordon Oelkers. Property owner Miles Knudsen moved the truck blocking access Wednesday after the visit from Frederick. Along with wife Rhonda, Miles Knudsen is a member of Knudsen Family Limited Partnership, which has been opposing the Legion’s park plans in one form or another for over two decades.

Rhonda Knudsen told the Community News at press time that KFLP has been in contact with Frederick and Roosevelt County planner Casey Burke to assert their claims about the location and route of the roadway and related gates and fences.

Oelkers told the Community News that the time for compromise on the road to Legion Park has passed and added that Cybulski will need to resolve the matter once and for all.

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