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Group Working On Plans For 100th Stampede

Group Working On Plans  For 100th Stampede Group Working On Plans  For 100th Stampede

After holding two meetings, the group that is making plans for the 100th Wolf Point Stampede will meet again on Monday, Sept. 26, at 6 p.m. at the Elks Lodge.

Many ideas were discussed during a meeting held on Monday, Aug. 22.

The WPCO/tribes committee is leading to have a pow wow and cultural events including teepee raising, stick games and an Indian relay.

A pitchfork dinner/fondue feed is being planned for the Wednesday night of Stampede. A concert is being planned for that evening following the dinner and a ranch rodeo is being planned for Wednesday afternoon prior to the dinner.

Other ideas have included a car show and a basketball shooting (Horse or Pig) competition.

The Wolf Point Ministerial Association is looking into holding a church service.

People at the meeting also mentioned offering wagon rides around town, presenting local authors at the library and arranging re-enactors for the celebration.

Plans are to have street dances or concerts each night of the Stampede. There might be music at the gazebo during afternoons. Possible games might include cookoffs, bed races, mower races and beard growing. Having a fun run and a style show or pageant were also mentioned.

The museum might feature exhibits that are 100 years or older and area farm brands.

The next planning meeting is scheduled for Sept. 19 at the Wolf Point Elks Event Center at 6 p.m. All interested community members are encouraged to attend and share ideas.

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