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WPCO Members Discuss Concerns

Housing, crimes and goals were among the topics during the Wolf Point Community Organization’s monthly meeting held on Monday, Aug. 22.

One of the challenges mentioned was trying to find room for new housing in Wolf Point. There’s the possibility that more than 20 houses could be created in the Wolf Point/Poplar area.

Perry Lilley of the Fort Peck Housing Authority said the “meth houses” need to be used again soon. He said the houses can be improved by opening doors and windows and using Dawn soap.

Lilley said there’s a long waiting list of individuals who want homes.

Tribal Executive Board members Bryce Kirk and Lawrence Hamilton Jr. recently met with an U.S. attorney regarding the amount of crime on the Fort Peck Reservation.

They believe the attorney’s office is committed to working together on the high crime rate.

Bids should go out soon for a new sewer system for Silverwolf Casino. An elder appreciation dinner is being planned to take place sometime in September.

Lance Fourstar said he was disappointed the Wolf Point City Council narrowingly, 4-3, decided not to change the Custer Street name.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done about that name,” Fourstar said. “It’s an issue that we will continue to talk about.”

He encouraged residents to attend the next Wolf Point City Council meeting because ideas for improving Triangle Park will be discussed.

“We need solutions,” Fourstar said.

He also hopes the city makes a resolution, in line with the Fort Peck Tribes, to ban the sale of malt liquor.

The organization endorsed Democrats Penny Ronning in her campaign for U.S. House and Frank Smith in his election for Montana House.

One person expressed her disappointment with a sign in Wolf Point that uses profanity regarding President Biden. She supports free speech, but she feels profanity is a bad example to young people. Fourstar said he will mention the situation to Wolf Point’s mayor.

The organization approved $5,000 for the Haunted Trail to be held Oct. 28-29.

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