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Man Faces 22 Counts Of Cruelty To Animals

Alfred Charles Heupel of Culbertson is facing 22 counts of cruelty to animals.

He made his initial appearance in Justice Court on Wednesday, Aug. 24.

Each of the 22 counts are misdemeanors and allegedly occurred on July 8 or sometime before when the defendant allegedly failed to provide the following animals with food and water of sufficient quantity and quality to sustain normal health.

The following cases allegedly occurred at or near 5145 Road 1022: Count 1: A grulla aged mare (now deceased) Count 2: A buckskin aged mare Count 3: A brown aged mare Count 4: A black and white paint aged mare Count 5: A sorrel and white paint aged mare Count 6: A black and white paint aged with black spots Count 7: A bay roan aged mare Count 8: A grulla filly Count 9: A black and white fily Count 10: A sorrel and white filly Count 11: A 3-year-old black and white paint horse Count 12: A 3-year-old bay roan horse The following cases allegedly occurred at or near 5833-5899 Road 1021, Culbertson: Count 13: A black and white paint filly yearling (now deceased) Count 14: A red roan filly (now deceased) Count 15: A 2-year-old sorrel mare Count 16: A 2-year-old Palomino gelding Count 17: A 2-year-old black grulla stud Count 18: A palomino filly (yearling) Count 19: A red roan filly (yearling) Count 20: A bay roan filly (yearling) Count 21: A brown aged stud Count 22: A red roan aged stud A person convicted of the offense of cruelty to animals shall be fined a maximum of $1,000 or sentenced for a term of one year in the county jail or both. All times and fines of each count may run consecutively of each other. If the convicted individual is the owner, the person may be required to forfeit any animal affected to the county in which the person is convicted.

The court can also require the defendant to pay all reasonable costs incurred in providing necessary veterinary attention and treatment for any animal affected including reasonable costs of care incurred by a public or private animal control agency or humane animal shelter and shall prohibit or limit the defendant’s ownership, possession or custody of animals as the court believes appropriate during the term of the sentence.

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