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Drew Faces Revocation Of Deferred Sentence

A petition to revoke hearing for Weldon Drew was held in district court on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Drew was sentenced in district court on Wednesday, April 13, for the charge of criminal distribution of dangerous drugs by accountability. Based on a joint plea agreement, Drew received a deferred imposition of sentence of two years. District judge David J. Cybulski explained that if Drew broke the terms of his probation, Drew could face 25 years in prison, a $50,000 fine or both.

“You have a pretty tough road to hoe,” Cybulski said.

Public defender Sally Kay Hickok said they wish to wait a couple of weeks until entering a plea. A hearing was scheduled for Sept. 14.

Bond is set at $50,000. Hickok said that Drew’s mother might pay for bond if the amount is reduced and a treatment bed becomes available in North Dakota.

County attorney Frank Piocos said he would prefer Drew undergoes evaluation and then gets a bed date for treatment.

“It’s fentanyl, and it’s an ongoing issue,” Piocos said. Cybulski denied to the request to reduce bond at this time.

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