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County Plans Meetings For Public Roads Changes

Roosevelt County commissioners held a special meeting on Thursday, Aug. 25, to hear public input on accepting roads to be designated public roads.

The county roads covered at the meeting included 2042, 1003, 2046, 1004, 2051, 1002 and 2055. All the roads are around the communities of Froid and Bainville.

Commissioners approved making the county roads into public roads.

A public meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Sept. 12, at the Froid Town Hall to discuss the process of turning county roads into public roads.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers explained that about 70 percent of Roosevelt County’s roads don’t have public roads easements or right of ways.

Last November, the Roosevelt County commissioners approved an agreement with Bartlett & West for the county’s right of way project. Commissioners have put $100,000 in this year’s budget for the project. The amount is coming from non-restrictive CARES funds.

Oelkers explained there’s a great need for the project because title companies and lending institutions are requiring access for land before approving projects.

During the meeting, commissioners also approved the hiring of Karla Williams as an administrative assistant for the sheriff’s office.

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